ArcelorMittal Sustainability (2013, 2014) and Integrated Reports (2015, 2016, 2017)

When I joined ArcelorMittal in 2014, the company was already producing robust sustainability reports around the globe. I was charged with oversight of reports in the Americas region, with specific creative control and direction of the team that created the United States sustainability report.

With the 2013 and 2014 reports, our team continued producing strong corporate  responsibility reports in accordance with GRI principles. In our 2015 report, we took our first major step toward an integrated report – the first integrated report from a steel company in the Western Hemisphere.

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2013 Report: Bold Ideas for a great basin

In our 2013 report, we emphasized a traditional approach to materiality and highlighted ArcelorMittal’s conservation work in the Great Lakes Basin.

Links: Full Report

2014 Report: This is What We’re Made Of

In 2014, our global CR team embarked on the creation of our 10 sustainable development outcomes, and our reporting cycle reflected the first time we tied our outcomes in sustainability locally to this global narrative. We continued with a formal materiality process that emphasized relative size of trends and opportunities as drivers for the report’s content and our work in sustainability overall.

Links: Full Report

2015 INTEGRATED Report: Building/Driving Solutions

In 2015, ArcelorMittal USA combined what was formerly our corporate responsibility report and a separate USA Fact Book to produce our first annual integrated report. This report  continued to comply with GRI principles, but added reporting against IIRC’s six capitals as well as SASB iron and steel and mining regulations. This year also marked our first year bringing the report entirely online with addition web and social features. We also began the production of an Executive Summary Report for the first time, giving a shorter snapshot into our activities.

Links: Full Report, Executive Summary

2016 INTEGRATED Report: Building resilience

In 2016, our integrated reporting journey continued, sharpening our report’s connection to financial value drivers in the USA business and connecting our work to ArcelorMittal’s larger value-creation model. Further web integration also emphasized the digital accessibility of the report and its data.

Links: Full Report, Executive Summary

2017 INTEGRATED Report: powered by resilience

In 2017, our integrated report took another major leap forward. The report went further in transparency, linked sustainability more directly to the business, and directly addressed numerous stakeholder concerns. It also produced an important new video to introduce ArcelorMittal’s corporate responsibility and sustainability efforts.

Links: Full Report, Executive Summary