Corporate Reporting Strategy, Writing and Data Management

Since 2018, I have been honored to work with numerous corporate leaders – from the largest companies in the world to innovative, growth-stage companies, on CSR/sustainability/ESG reporting processes. My role in each of these processes has varied. For some clients, I’ve led the reporting process end to end, for others I provided expertise and counsel in writing, data management and other strategic areas of focus. Together with internal team members, marketing leaders and design professionals, no report is completed successfully without a cross functional team of leaders.

The reports below represent a sample of the reports I’ve worked on since I launched Marcy Twete Consulting in 2018.

Click on the images below to view the full reports.

Inaugural ESG Report: Digital Edge

Inaugural 2021 ESG Impact Report: Rambus

2021 Corporate Responsibility Report: Alnylam

Inaugural 2020 ESG Report: Cologix

2020 ESG Report: Scotiabank

2018 CSR Report: CVS Health