Joint Social Outcomes Benchmarking Report: Mission Measurement and The Conference Board

Each year, corporations alone give more than $20 billion per year to nonprofit organizations. In corporate responsibility reports, research from corporate think tanks and philanthropic membership organizations represented in dollars – “giving in numbers,” if you will. But are these dollars really having an impact? Does a company giving $100 million per year really have more impact than a company giving $10 million per year? What outcomes are easiest to quantify? Which are the hardest?

Answering these questions is at the core of the work of social impact consulting firm, Mission Measurement, and the flagship standard it works with, The Impact Genome Project®. I joined Mission Measurement in a consultative capacity in fall 2018, leading the company’s partnership with The Conference Board, a globally recognized business membership organization committed to delivering research and insights to the corporate sector.

Mission Measurement and The Conference Board’s partnership brought together TCB members and the grantees inside their community investment portfolios, to begin the process of measuring long-term impact of social investments using The Impact Genome’s standard taxonomy for social impact measurement.

In April 2019, the two organizations published Toward Standardized Social Outcomes for Companies, the first in what will be an annual report on social impact benchmarking outcomes with major corporations.

The report is available to the public by registering with The Conference Board and downloading the full report, executive summary, or case studies.