Sample Videos

Interesting in learning more about my key topics and speaking style? Check out one of the videos below to see me in action with various presentations and interviews.

  • Levo League Office Hours: The Art of the Cold Call
    While leading Career Girl Network, I joined Levo League for a presentation to 20-something women on “The Art of the Cold Call.” With this presentation, you’ll get a sneak peak of one of the major sections of my book, You Know Everybody! featuring my cold calling acryonym “G.I.R.L.S.”
    Click here to access the presentation video on Levo League’s website.


  • Interview with Jules Taggart from Thrive Hive
    In this video segment, I talk with Jules Taggart, the founder of Kickstart Kitchen and Thrive Hive, communities for female entrepreneurs. You’ll get another sneak peak of a key section of You Know Everybody! here, “The Seven Layers of Your Personal Network.”
    Click here to view the interview on YouTube.


  • Webinar Presentation: The Seven Layers of Your Personal Network
    At Career Girl Network’s first “Rock the Resolution” online conference in January 2013, I presented the full version of her “Seven Layers of Your Personal Network” concept from the book, You Know Everybody!
    Click here to view the interview on YouTube.


  • Career Girl Network Featured on TastyTrade’s Bootsrapping in America
    During my time leading Career Girl Network, we were in January 2013 on TastyTrade’s Bootstrapping In America segment with experts Tom Sosnoff and Tony Battista. In this segment, I answers Tom and Tony’s questions about building a business and the future of Career Girl Network.
    Click here to view the interview on YouTube.