Sustainability and corporate responsibility

Sustainability breeds results.
Achieving “great” responsibility in your company.

Some of our most common topics include:

ESG: Why It Matters

Rewind to 2008 when only 358 companies globally were publishing sustainability reports that aligned the Global Reporting Initiative. Vast changes have occurred in the last 14 years. Today, more than 30,000 companies globally use the GRI framework. Additional sustainability indices and industry-specific and issue-specific frameworks have arisen since. Each year, sustainability leaders and their partners across finance, the environment, marketing, human resources, and more spend thousands of hours responding to and staying ahead of these individual reporting frameworks and processes.

Launching a CR Program in Your Company
Corporate social responsibility was once something deemed important only for the biggest businesses in the world. Today, it’s table stakes for businesses as small as startups and as large as multinational Fortune 20 companies. Being an effective corporate citizen is key to driving your company’s growth and enhancing your reputation. In this session, the audience will learn:

  • What a “good” corporate responsibility program looks like
  • Gaining buy-in from leadership and key departments
  • Creating a 360 degree program that focuses on more than just community engagement
  • The resources necessary to “get it right”

The ROI of ESG
What separates great corporate responsibility from good? Connecting those programs to the initiatives already at play in your business. Environmental, social and governance trends (ESG) are directly related to return on investment in corporate responsibility work. In this discussion, we’ll cover:

  • The ROI of social investment – how doing good makes money
  • Breaking down silos to convene the right leaders across an enterprise
  • “You own nothing” – how to get things done when you have influence but not authority

Assessing Nonprofit Organizations and Finding Great Partners in Your Communities
The nonprofit sector in the United States is the most robust in the world. But with thousands of nonprofit organizations in existence today, finding the right partners and learning how to effectively evaluate their programs and the success of your partnerships is increasingly difficult. In this session aimed at those who want to learn more about nonprofit partnership building, I will lead you through:

  • The basics of nonprofit research
  • Financial red flags
  • Buzz words – collective impact, long-term metrics, and how they work in your corporate program
  • Being a great corporate partner
  • Do’s and don’ts of volunteerism and matched giving