Book: You Know Everybody!

Alongside her expertise in ESG and sustainability, Founder and CEO of MT Sustainability Marcy Twete penned You Know Everybody! in 2011. In today’s business world, networking has become a four letter word. Even some of the biggest names in business admit to being nervous about networking. In You Know Everybody!, Marcy works to debunk the common myths of networking for women and guide readers step by step through the process they’ll need to strategically build a network. Remove fear from the equation and learn to network with power and confidence with tools like:

  • Pitching: Inside and Outside the Elevator
  • The Seven Layers of Your Personal Network
  • The Art of the Cold Call (or Email)
  • Following Up – the Perfect Prescription for Success

Featuring Interviews With:

  • Robin Fisher Roffer, Owner, Big Fish Marketing
  • Cindy McLaughlin, CEO, Style for Hire
  • Mary Blegen, Executive Vice President, U.S. Bank
  • Julie Cottineau, Owner, BrandTwistAleen Bayard, Founder, Marketzing
  • Linda Descano, President and CEO, Women & Co. at Citi
  • Archelle Georgiou, Physician and President, Georgiou Consulting
  • Dawn Jackson Blatner, Dietician and Author of The Flexitarian Diet
  • Elizabeth Ruske, Managing Partner, Tiara International
  • Angela Elbert, Partner, Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg, LLP[/toggle_box]

Chapters Include:

  • Chapter 1: Pitching: Inside and Outside the Elevator
  • Chapter 2: Powerful Request: Making “The Ask”
  • Chapter 3: The Who! Getting the Right People on Your Side
  • Chapter 4: You’re the Brand: Creating a Personal Marketing Plan
  • Chapter 5: Getting Your Foot in the Door
  • Chapter 6: Nail the Meeting Without Wheeling and Dealing
  • Chapter 7: Cocktails and Connections: Networking with Strategic Events
  • Chapter 8: “I Was Just Talking About You” – Putting Your Name in the Wind
  • Chapter 9: New Networking Strategies for Innovative Thinkers
  • Chapter 10: The Fine Art of Following Up

Praise and Reviews:

“Reading You Know Everybody! is like hanging out in your sweats to talk shop with a great cup of coffee and a good friend; a friend who will gently tell it like it is but direct you down just the right path and help you pick out the perfect shoes for the journey. Marcy blends tactical tools and advice for networking with tremendous wit, grace, and insight into the realities of today’s working woman. You Know Everybody! Provides advice that every Career Girl should read and practice at all stages of their career!”

~Nikki Foster, Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer, Sunrise Community Banks

“Charming, witty, and fresh, Marcy Twete’s voice appeals to women of all career levels. At once educational and entertaining, You Know Everybody! is a must-read for professional women of any age. Simply a delight!”
~Stacey Beck, Independent Educational and Career Consultant

“You Know Everybody! is for any woman who has ever uttered the words “I need to start networking, but…” Knowing what you want, asking for it, and receiving it are completely interconnected. We instinctively understand this, but still don’t know where to begin or how to go about meeting the right people and making powerful requests. Twete breaks it down brilliantly and reminds us that it’s never too early, or too late, to build a strategic network.”
~Jules Taggart, amp&pivot

“This is a book whose time has come. Every power networker to aspiring networker should own a copy. There is a connection point for everyone to learn and grow from. Marcy Twete has phenomenally illustrated the path for women and girls to be successful networkers and learn to know everybody!”
~Meredith Douglass-Morales, Senior Diversity Recruiter, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

“Marcy Twete has done the impossible: she’s written a book on networking that’s not only intriguing and insightful, it’s incredibly entertaining. Drawing on her own personal experiences, as well as those of her mentors and icons in the business world, Twete manages to teach valuable networking lessons while keeping her reader on the edge of her seat, hungry for the next delightful anecdote. This is not your typical How-To book. Twete offers a fun and unique perspective on the subject of networking. You Know Everybody! is a highly enjoyable read that I recommend to all business professionals.”
~Kalei Kekuna, Global Marketing Professional

“If you are afraid of networking or think it is just superficial “schmoozing,” this book will be a paradigm shift for you! Marcy helps you see networking as an authentic way to create meaningful relationships with cool people, like the friends you met in your freshman college dorm. Who doesn’t want to do that?! This accessible redefinition of networking is a relief for the busy professional who can’t imagine cramming more into her day.”
~Shayna Cook, Partner, Goldman Ismail Tomaselli Brennan & Baum LLP

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